Below is an example of an access agreement written in simple English. Roadmaps are notoriously complex and often costly legal agreements, which give special access to land or buildings for the provision and management of new infrastructure, for example. B the operation of a new fibre-optic cable by buildings or the installation of related infrastructure in the fields. However, these can be challenging, as each land or building owner needs a separate approach and the leaflet may require permission from tenants, which takes time. Then, as part of an integration of the broadcast house, the system automatically creates all the relevant documentation and prepares everything for distribution. “A workflow also guides dialogue with stakeholders, from conducting face-to-face visits, to negotiating Wayleave`s terms, to issuing legal advice as needed, and advanced reporting that triggers a `green light` when all construction dependencies are resolved,” the company said. Without an agreed roadmap or servitude, they have no legal access rights. Liberty Networks (or Liberty Global or Virgin Media) need to get a court order, they can`t just do it. In response, Trenches Law spent much of 2020 developing a new automated solution that could help reduce some of the time and cost of securing roadmaps. This approach allows customers to send a digital map of their networking phase and the new system will automatically consult the cadastre and other available databases to identify all relevant stakeholders.

We are the landowners and we do not have a wayleave agreement with Virgin Media. We`ve tried to challenge what has unfortunately become an industry standard, and the result is the ability to run the Wayleave process faster, easier, and with a higher degree of accuracy. » Is it a wayleave or a wayleave legal or necessary? You made the same comment (more or less) in your post #10 here I replied in Post #12 in the same thread and repeat below for clarity. They asked me to sign an access agreement that I hadn`t signed. I sent them the following email. We take data protection very seriously. We do not require specific information from you at any time and are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure your trust in us. An easement requires only a one-time payment to ensure permanent access, while a detour is usually a temporary arrangement. Landowners can request that a previously agreed Wayleave be renegotiated or transformed into an easement agreement, but not the other way around. Wayleaves can take a long time to install broadband and other communications in buildings, especially in London, where the legal profession seems to encourage homeowners to create custom Wayleave agreements surprisingly often. And then you can encourage owners to commit naturally! If he had signed a roadmap, why would they have asked the Council for permission to place the access point on our property? It was all a bit chaotic, but Virgin Media at least partnered up when we contacted them.